Dublin Rose comes for her 1st real Fashion Photo Shoot on the 24th Oct 2011!!

Dublin Rose comes for her 1st real Fashion Photo Shoot on the 24th Oct 2011!!

I had the pleasure of meeting the current Dublin Rose, Siobheal Nic Eochaidh, at the Shop exhibition in the RDS around a month ago. You never know where you’ll meet people. We got on very well and it turns out she needed some portfolio shots as her star is rising. She had a look at my work and, I’m happy to say, trusted me to shoot her. It was her 1st time modeling so we eased her into it, did some exercises as we shot and we had great Craic with some great results.

She’s a lovely lady and I hope she does really well in her very bright future. For me it was a pleasure to shoot her and push her further than she thought she’d go.

Here are the results. Hope you like them.

The start

The Last



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Dana’s Beach shoot

Last week we did a beach shoot with the lovely Dana Arikane. It was nearly a year ago to the day that we decided that a beach shoot for Dana was a good idea. Then life got in the way.
The weather held out and we managed to get a few cracking shots. She has the ability to look strong and bond girl like one minute and then sexy and shy the next. Rare talent.
Here are some of the shots we picked. Hope you like them. D.

Model. Dana Arikane from Assets.
MUA. Sarahmarie Howes.
Photographer. Dermot Byrne.

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This is Chess Video

This is Chess.

Dean has finished the edit of the behind the scenes video of our This is Chess shoot and put it on Vimeo.

This is the link. Please have a look and leave a comment of what you think.


This is Chess Behind the scenes Video18

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This is Chess.

On the 28th of June, after many setbacks, a team of creatives got together to shoot “This is Chess”. It was the best shoot I’ve ever been involved with and was not only fun but was great to see everyone involved giving their all for the sake of ART. Was a logistical nightmare but we pulled it off.

I asked the question “What is Chess?” For me the answer is simple. It is a war. We then set out to make a beautiful, elegant War. It is shot in sequence and I hope it makes sense to you the viewer.


You can judge for yourself if you like it or not but we set out to make something a little different which I think we did. What you see here was what was in my head and to all involved thank you for giving you skills, time and more than 100% to release this vision for all.

Hope you like our game of chess.


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Fashion training for Ippa munster region

On the 20th of June I had the honour of being invited to speak at a Munster Irish professional photographers associations meeting. One of the things awards give you. Respect of your peers. What I didn’t realise when I said yes was they wanted me to do a live demo fashion shoot and show a few techniques of how I get the best from models, locations and images. “sure no bother to the fashion photographer of the year” I was told. This was a huge challenge for me as I was shooting a model I had never met, in a location I had never been in and being followed around by 25 of Ireland’s best photographers.

A huge challenge but if I don’t challenge myself I’ll never get better. Posted are a couple of shots of the day and I made some new friends and had a great new experience.

I’d recommend everyone to do something that scares you at least once a year. Will keep life fresh.

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Facebook fiasco

These are the photos that got me banned overnight from Facebook. I’ve seen much more erotic photos on Facebook and elsewhere. Just goes to show that Beauty and Art is indeed in the eye of the beholder.

Here are a sample of some of the shots from the shoot of Carol Byrne (no relation) who isn’t a model but a fantastic stylist. We had worked together on a circus freak shoot and she asked me to do an edgy, sexy shoot for her and here are the results. We had great fun and she’s delighted.

Keep coming back here for more posts as I can’t keep putting photos onto Facebook to have them censored as I’ll try to push boundaries when I can so look here instead.

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Great Year for Dermot Byrne and IPPA awards

Just released Dermot Byrne wins best fashion portfolio in the IPPA photographer of the year awards 2011.

This year Dermot has scooped no less than 22 Gold Crests and 2 elusive Diamond awards in the Judging rounds of the Irish Professional Photographers Association national photographer of the year awards. This shows a very high level of consistency throughout the year. He got them in the difficult categories of Fashion, Open Art, PR and Weddings. This is a huge improvement in even 1 year as last year Dermot received 4 Gold Crests and no diamond awards (which is the best possible).

To get a gold is difficult and fantastic but to get a diamond is serious. To get so many is mind blowing.

Dermot Byrne - Best Fashion Portfolio 2011

Dermot Byrne - Best Fashion Portfolio 2011

To cap it off on the 27th of Febuary 2011 he was awarded best fashion portfolio which is the holy grail.

Here is the panel in Fashion, which on four different location shoots is very difficult. Even down to having fun on the day.

To see more have a look on www.dermotbyrne.ie

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